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Bear’s Den

In the Crowfoot area of town restaurants are easy to find; Joeys, Montana, Broken Plate are but a few of the multitude.  A small few are good but most are only OK predictable places to eat with menu’s that don’t change as regularly as the wait staff does.  Noise levels are high and you neighbor’s business quickly becomes yours, which is OK I guess if you care that Stevie is doing poorly in school and care to offer advice without even having to lean over.  Fortunately we just discovered a haven of quiet and interesting elegance with excellent food just minutes west towards Cochrane.

I’ve ridden or driven the 1A probably hundreds of times but evidently with blinders on. Tucked behind a hedge next to the old Bearspaw gas station is an elegant building that houses a comfortable even sumptuous restaurant and separate bar that is immediately interesting, comfortable, warm, and immediately inviting.  Tables are far apart and there is a feeling of being in your own space where you could comfortably stay for hours. The food is not inexpensive but to compensate is excellent as is the variety of choice.  If I were a professional restaurant reviewer I could go on about presentation and more about the properly medium rare steak and scrumptious desert and how we left feeling full but not waddling.  It is without doubt the most enjoyable atmosphere and truly good food I’ve encountered in Calgary. Really you should go and not plan anything else for the night because it is all you’ll need. The Bear’s Den is located next to the Bear’s Paw gas station just five kilometres or so past Nose Hill Dr. on the left.

Reservations can be made at (403) 241-7611.



Post Hotel, Lake Louise

Hotels are almost always part of travels and if we are lucky the few very comfortable ones feel like home away from home. But, there is an even higher level that is achieved by the very few. When the hotel is so very relaxing, so warm, comfortable and inviting that you feel lighter simply walking through the doors. The hotel has arrived at the highest level, it has become a holiday on its own. When the reason for travel is simply the hotel itself there can be no higher aspiration and the Post Hotel in Lake Louise is such a hotel. Go there anytime you can and even when you can’t. Your world will be a calmer place.

Phone:+1 403-522-3989