Alpine Touring

Alpine Touring

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Lou’s Performance Centre has a long-standing reputation for fitting alpine ski touring boots, but really Lou’s offers so much more. We have a complete touring department with skis, bindings, skins and touring accessories. Our extensive knowledge and your valuable input will help us together select the right gear to make every day you spend in the backcountry as awe-inspiring, adventure filled and safe as possible.

Our goal for your touring days, is for the very first one after leaving Lou’s to be better than any before.

Skis and Skins

At Lou’s we believe the best situation is to treat touring as a separate sport from regular resort alpine skiing.  It means you will automatically buy lighter more energy conserving gear.  However, we realize also this is not always possible and we are happy to help you sort through the myriad of skis available that can be used to tour.  We understand the benefits and deficiencies of each type of ski, touring or alpine, and most importantly have skied them all so can help you with firsthand knowledge.

Skins are certainly easier from a choice standpoint, such as synthetic or mohair but do require care in use and storage that skis do not.  They can easily be contaminated by debris in the snow, especially if attaching or detaching them while in the woods.  It’s important to not expose them to high temperatures, when drying around the stove or fireplace in a hut, or even left on a dashboard on a bright sunny winter day.  Skins should never be left for an extended period on skis or stored glue to glue.  Skin savers are a must!

Many skins now come with a trim tool that makes trimming them properly nearly foolproof.  We carry skins that come with a trimming tool and also have the trimming tool available separately for purchase.

We urge you to practice at home, attaching and detaching skins before heading out for your first adventure.

If you have more questions about climbing skin use, trimming or selection please contact us at your convenience.

Boots and Bindings

If you are an experienced skier or alpine tourer your already know boots are everything in terms of spending a comfortable day moving on snow, whether mostly downhill or also going up.  Touring boot setup is more difficult than for pure alpine skiing boots since downhill skiing comfort and performance must somehow be combined with walking comfort.  It isn’t always easy, but it is always necessary.  We have the knowledge of foot function and boot fit necessary to make certain before your first day out we pre-emptively fix all potential pain points so even that first day is enjoyable.

Safety Gear and Accessories

Lou’s has a great selection of alpine touring safety gear including avalanche transceivers, air bags, shovels, probes and helmets that will help keep you safe in the back country. Of course solid gear selection simply isn’t enough!  It is also necessary to have well trained staff that listen to and understand your concerns.  Our goal is to have you feeling comfortable and knowing that we have your best interests at heart.