Women’s Ski Gear & Services

Women’s Ski Gear & Services

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We’re committed to providing the best equipment and service to every member of the skiing community – and that includes the ladies. Women have long been left to pick through the few items marketed specifically for them, but most, if not all, of what was available had simply been either rebranded, shrunk, or offered in a different colour. We believe women deserve the same quality and comfort that men are able to find in their gear, and we make it a priority to carry that equipment and provide the same level of service for those items to ensure everyone is equally ready to tackle a day on the snow.

Women's Skis

We make it a priority to stock an extensive, carefully selected inventory of credible, female-specific equipment for women who expect more than just a different colourway. At Lou’s, we’ve never believed in the “pink it and shrink it” philosophy – height, weight, shoe size, and even leg length can have an effect on what size and style suit each skier. Whether you’re just starting out, an intermediate blue cruiser, or a hard-charging competitor, we have the gear and advice you need.

Women's Ski Boot Fitting

A ski boot that feels comfortable in the store might feel completely different on the hill – affecting performance or, even worse, causing pain and discomfort. With experience and knowledge from research and extensive work with race coaches, instructors, athletes, and feedback from our customers over the last 20 years, we understand how and why it is often difficult for women to find the right fit. Whether you’re looking for new boots, to improve your existing boots, or have unique foot issues you need to accommodate, we can help – from assessing your feet to boot modification to custom boot fitting, Lou’s specializes in helping find or create the perfect boots for you.

Women's Ski Binding Position

Research shows that changing the standard binding position can improve ski performance. Considering most skis are designed for men, even the ones shortened for women are still technically optimized for male skiers. It comes as no surprise that women are most likely to benefit from a more forward binding position than what comes standard from most manufacturers. Lou’s specializes in helping skiers find their best binding set-up, and specifically carries skis with movable track bindings that make changing binding positions easy.